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Party magic

Children’s birthday entertainment, grown up celebrations, disco parties with all the bells and whistles and much more! Read more

School fun

Fred provides good, clean fun for school children of various ages. Magic shows, magic workshops, and even school discos. Read more


Learn a magic trick or 2! Magic workshops for children 8 years and older, that are also fantastic for corporate events. Read more


From fundraisers to weddings and corporate events, Fred can provide engaging entertainment for a variety of occasions. Read more

Fred mostly covers these areas but has a passport and will travel
Surrey | Oxfordshire | Berkshire | Hampshire | Buckinghamshire

What Makes Fred & Friends Special

A true entertainer

Fred is a funny, natural entertainer who can engage any audience. His magic illusions are flawless, and his shows are fast paced and fun

Engaging & educational

Magic is an ancient art, but Fred has kept up with the times, making use of the latest technology in his shows and magic disco parties.

Fun for young & old

Whether it’s a group of 4 year olds, tweens at a disco or adults at a 50th birthday party, Fred can tailor his show to suit any age group.

Fred's friends

the fun starts here!

Elvis the bird

This multi-coloured mischievous bird is much more of a hindrance than a help to poor Fred.

Geoffrey the dragon

Geoffrey’s bad manners and hilarious outbursts often land Fred in a whole heap of trouble.

Nellie the elephant

Squirting and spraying water, naughty Nellie has guests crying tears of laughter.


He’s a duck-billed, web-footed, funny-looking platypus - guests love the catchy platypus song.

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