So you’re planning a school disco. Obviously you need a DJ… or do you? Wouldn’t it be better to hire an all round entertainer who offers the services of a DJ, and so much more? Someone who could host the event, provide comedic banter, games, talent shows and dance competition and keep everyone thoroughly engaged and entertained?

When it comes to a primary school disco you need more than lights and music to ensure that the kids are entertained and having fun. We’ve rounded up a bunch of reasons why you should hire a professional entertainer for your kid’s disco party and not just a DJ.


Hire a kids disco party entertainer

Here’s why you need an entertainer for your school disco:

1. Kids get bored easily

Give a room of adults some music and all their friends (and maybe a couple of drinks) and they’ll create their own fun. Kids and tween-agers don’t have the same ability. They get bored easily, so structured entertainment is the way to go. A school disco that combines lights, music, smoke effects and dancing, with fun games, activities and comedy is guaranteed to be a hit – and ensure that your disco is a success.


2. Age appropriate fun

How familiar are you with the latest pop songs? Not all of them are appropriate! A normal DJ might not be familiar with what songs are suitable for kids, but a professional entertainer such as Fred in the Shed knows what’s what! If you hire Fred for your kid’s disco party, you can rest assured that all songs played – as well as music videos if you choose to include video disco on the big screen – completely age appropriate, and suitable for the ears and eyes of pre-teens. Click here for more information on video disco parties 


3. A huge drawcard for fundraising

The main purpose of hosting a kids disco party at your school is to raise funds. You want to sell tickets, you want everyone to have a blast – so that they remember when your next fundraiser comes round.

As a popular entertainer, Fred in the Shed is already well known and highly sought after. Kids and parents know his name and are familiar with his high quality, fast-paced and fun entertainment. If you tell people that Fred will be there, the people will come. Your event will be buzzing and a guaranteed success!



Fred in the Shed is able to customize disco parties to any theme or age group, and while he may have a plan of action for the night, he is also flexible in changing things up as the night progresses. In addition, all songs and music videos played are 100% child-friendly.

You can contact Fred by phoning 07966 036 928, emailing or via the contact form for an obligation free quote. Fred and Friends look forward to hearing from you!