Holding well-attended and successful fundraising events can be challenging. Fred in the Shed can provide exceptional entertainment for fundraising events, providing and engaging comedy and magic while helping to meet the fundraising goal. As an experienced entertainer and compere, Fred can help to ensure your event is fun-filled AND profitable! Combining his quick, irreverent wit, his ability to capture an audience’s attention and his skills of persuasion, he is able to create a buzz of excitement and anticipation to engage the audience, keeping them entertained all evening as well as helping to secure those sales of raffle tickets, drinks purchases and other add-on’s which help to make a good fundraising event into an extremely lucrative one.

In addition, I offer comedy-magic nights where I perform close-up table magic as guests chat, eat and drink; followed by a stand-up cabaret.  One school has previously held a pizza and magic night, securing discounted pizza deals from a local take-away and operating BYO on drinks. 

Bingo Fundraisers 

A bingo evening with Fred in the Shed/Dan Hudson will guarantee a fun-filled evening for you and your guests, whilst raising loads of money for your school or charity. I supply the bingo game itself, bingo books and overall entertainment; all you have to organise are the players, reminding them to bring along a working pen. How you work it beyond that is entirely up to you. 

Here is a realistic example as to how you can raise lots of money:  

Let’s say there are 100 people attending.  

You sell an entrance ticket for £10 – this gives them a bingo book with seven games in. You have already earned £1000. You can then sell extra books on the night, let’s say you sell extra 7-game books for £2.50 each and you sell 1-2 per person – an extra £250-£500  

At the end of the night, you do a final cash game and sell a separate ticket at £1.00. If people buy 3-5 each, that’s an extra £300-£500 

From the sums so far, your income is between £1550-£2000 and people have spent £15.50-£20 each.  (Please remember that prize money would need to come out of this income)   

You could also add to the amount you make by doing a raffle or selling food and drinks. Alternatively, you could charge a little extra for the entrance ticket and provide some kind of food or refreshments. 

If you require any further information or I can help in any other way please do not hesitate to contact me.