Pod aims to bring magic, fun and laughter to children in hospital. This year Pod entertainers will be providing over 2400 visits helping cheer up thousands of children in 150 hospitals and hospices throughout the UK.

Daniel Hudson is one of Pod’s team of 50 professional children’s entertainers. He has been employed as a free lance children’s entertainer by Pod Charitable Trust for the last ten 10 years. During this time, Daniel has provided Pod’s monthly visits at Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospital and The Royal Berkshire Hospital Reading .

Feedback from the hospitals has always been very positive. Over the years he has proved to be a very popular entertainer, cheering up of hundreds of children in these two hospitals and making their hospital experience a more positive one.

He has always been enthusiastic about his hospital visits and is much committed to Pod’s belief that happy children get better quicker. He distracts children from pain and worry and encourages participation. Flexibility and adaptability are important as the audience can be any age from toddlers to teenagers and there’s often a very mixed audience. Daniel provides a show which appeals to all ages – he is able to interest older children/teenagers with amazing coin and card tricks and this encourages them to engage and help whilst he entertains younger children with simple tricks. He has also proved to be a sensitive entertainer, entertainers need to be amusing but they must also be sensitive and tactful , because sick children are more vulnerable and easily upset